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A Glance at Evidence- Based Services

Written on: October 18th, 2017 in Evidence-Based PracticeFamilyTherapyTreatment

What is Functional Family Therapy?

Functional Family Therapy(FFT) is an evidence based treatment model. FFT is a short-term structured intervention. The model is provided statewide and administered primarily within the family’s home.

Who is Functional Family Therapy for?

Functional Family Therapy is used for youth ages 10-18 and their families that are struggling with behavioral problems and significant family conflict. Target populations range from at-risk preadolescents to youth with very serious problems such as conduct disorder, violent acting-out, and substance abuse. It’s been applied in various multi-ethnic, multicultural contexts.

Functional Family Therapy Overview

Functional Family Therapy has been successful in treating youth in long-term foster care, youth involved in the juvenile justice system and youth with school related issues, who are at risk for disciplinary problems such as truancy and drop out. This therapy has also been used to treat families with developmentally and intellectually disabled youth. The model combines a multi-disciplinary approach including family therapy and supportive case management. This inventive approach helps meet the family’s basic needs. It will also provide the family with continuing support while they integrate newly learned skills into their lives. These skills will be the tools the family needs to successfully maintain the changes they’ve made.

Functional Family Therapy Success

FFT has been recognized nationally for its successful youth outcomes by, The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, The American Youth Policy Forum and the US Department of Justice. This model was also one of four model programs named by the US Surgeon General as a model program for seriously delinquent youth. FFT is an amazing model and FFT therapist are very skilled, creative and self-motivated.

For More Information:

You can find more information about Functional Family Therapy by visiting the FFT website at Click Here for More Information on Functional Family Therapy

This summary was submitted by Dr. Teneshia T. Winder, Ph.D., MSC., LAMFT, Program Manager at Children & Families First

What are families saying about FFT?

“I thank God for my therapist”

“FFT has given us hope”

“FFT has helped our family to grow”

“My family hasn’t been then same, since we’ve completed FFT”.

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