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Family Partners Empowers Families

Written on: July 28th, 2017 in FamilyMental IllnessPeer Support

Raising children is a major, and often challenging, responsibility for every parent and guardian. When childhood mental illness is added to the mix, it can become even more demanding. It is important for every Delaware parent and guardian, regardless of their circumstance, to know that help is available.

One evening every month families gather in each county for a free casual dinner and support. Each Family Partner gathering begins with adults and children sharing a meal and a question: “What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?”


When the meal is finished, the adults and children separate into two distinct groups.

The adults share their experiences in a relaxed, informal and non-judgmental environment with a facilitator. It’s a peer-to-peer kind of support group where parents and guardians can speak openly about their situations, ask questions and discuss ideas on ways to improve whatever circumstances they’re dealing with at any given time. It’s a safe space where families with lived-in experience lift each other up and connect.

The children move to another space for fun activities, which might include games, puzzles, arts and craft projects, etc. The children are doing more than playing though. Just like the adults, they are making connections with their peers. For example, some children who had shared experiences in residential and day treatment at common facilities talk among themselves about their treatment, goals, friends they made, how they were treated, their diagnosis, the medicine they were prescribed and their experiences.

We all need a helping hand sometimes and Family Partners can be an empowering experience for adults and children. Family Partners is a free event open to all parents and guardians statewide. The atmosphere is welcoming; the food is delicious; and the support is exceptional!


Learn More

To learn more about times and locations for Family Partners in your area contact Anne Marie Gromis, 302-212-7444 or You can also review the upcoming meeting schedule here: Family Partners Meetings Jul-Dec 2017

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