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What’s in a Name?

Written on: June 13th, 2017 in CommunityFamilyHealth and Wellness

How did we come to call our blog the Bounce Back Bulletin – Cultivating Change for Resilient Communities? We wanted the title to reflect our vision of Resilient Children and Families Living in Supportive Communities.

The selection process included people who manage and provide our services (staff) and people who utilize our services (youth and families). Our creative staff submitted catchy title ideas that connected to our overall mission and vision! Next, our family-run organization, Champions for Children’s Mental Health, and the youth coordinator for the federally funded CORE program identified family members and youth to review the submissions and select a title.

The fantastic team of young people and caregivers liked several entries, so they had trouble narrowing it down to just one! As a result, they combined elements from three entries to create the chosen title. We were thankful to have youth and family voice in our decision-making process. As a result, the blog title is as meaningful to those who use our services as to us.

For us, the title conveys the strength children and families possess and their ability to develop resilience that helps them bounce back from adversity. As a division, we help families hone their skills and strengthen that resilience through our prevention, early intervention, and treatment supports and services. When children and families have access to the help they need, when they need it, their ability to bounce back improves. Our focus is to help youth and families enhance their personal competency and skill to make changes, promote success, and develop resilience. As agents of change, we help families navigate the system and provide support as they make informed decisions about care. Our prevention team also does this on a community level, helping community-based organizations develop capacity to promote change and resilience.

Strong communities are more resilient – our goal is to nurture youth, families, and communities as they grow in skill, competency, and confidence. We hope you see this message in the name of our blog, and it helps remind all of us that youth, families, and communities are important assets. By supporting and strengthening them, we all come out stronger and better.

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